2017 Dodgers Game Schedule Exclusively On Spectrum SportsNet LA

Here is the complete 2017 Los Angeles Dodgers regular season schedule. Watch the games Exclusively on Spectrum SportsNet LA. All times are Pacific Standard Time.

  Saturday 2/25/17 vs. White Sox W 5-3 SNLA
  Sunday 2/26/17 at Brewers W 10-8 SNLA
  Wednesday 3/1/17 at Giants W 7-6 SNLA
  Saturday 3/4/17 at Cubs L 3-9 SNLA
  Sunday 3/5/17 vs. Mariners W 7-3 SNLA
  Friday 3/10/17 vs. Rangers W 12-2 SNLA
  Saturday 3/11/17 vs. Angels W 8-2 SNLA
  Sunday 3/12/17 vs. White Sox (SS) L 15-5 SNLA
  Thursday 3/16/17 vs. Cubs L 4-0 SNLA
  Friday 3/17/17 vs. Mariners (SS) L 5-2 SNLA
  Saturday 3/18/17 at White Sox W 12-6 SNLA
  Saturday 3/25/17 vs. Athletics W 11-6 SNLA
  Sunday 3/26/17 at Rangers L 3-2 SNLA
  Thursday 3/30/17 at Angels L 3-2 SNLA
  Friday 3/31/17 at Angels W 3-1 SNLA
  Saturday 4/1/17 vs. Angels T 4-4 SNLA
  Monday 4/3/17 vs. Padres W 14-3 SNLA
  Tuesday 4/4/17 vs. Padres L 4-0 SNLA
  Wednesday 4/5/17 vs. Padres W 3-1 SNLA
  Thursday 4/6/17 vs. Padres W 12-2 SNLA
  Friday 4/7/17 at Rockies L 2-1 SNLA
  Saturday 4/8/17 at Rockies L 4-2 SNLA
  Sunday 4/9/17 at Rockies W 10-6 SNLA
  Wednesday 4/12/17 at Cubs W 2-0 SNLA
  Thursday 4/13/17 at Cubs L 4-0 SNLA
  Friday 4/14/17 vs. Diamondbacks W 7-1 SNLA
  Saturday 4/15/17 vs. Diamondbacks W 8-4 SNLA
  Sunday 4/16/17 vs. Diamondbacks L 3-1 SNLA
  Monday 4/17/17 vs. Diamondbacks L 4-2 SNLA
  Tuesday 4/18/17 vs. Rockies L 4-3 SNLA
  Wednesday 4/19/17 vs. Rockies W 4-2 SNLA
  Friday 4/21/17 at Diamondbacks L 13-5 SNLA
  Saturday 4/22/17 at Diamondbacks L 11-5 SNLA
  Sunday 4/23/17 at Diamondbacks W 6-2 SNLA
  Monday 4/24/17 at Giants L 2-1 SNLA
  Tuesday 4/25/17 at Giants W 2-1 SNLA
  Wednesday 4/26/17 at Giants L 4-3 F/10 SNLA
  Thursday 4/27/17 at Giants 12:45pm SNLA
  Friday 4/28/17 vs. Phillies 7:10pm SNLA
  Saturday 4/29/17 vs. Phillies 6:10pm SNLA
  Sunday 4/30/17 vs. Phillies 1:10pm SNLA
  Monday 5/1/17 vs. Giants 7:10pm SNLA
  Tuesday 5/2/17 vs. Giants 7:10pm SNLA
  Wednesday 5/3/17 vs. Giants 7:10pm SNLA
  Friday 5/5/17 at Padres 7:10pm SNLA
  Saturday 5/6/17 at Padres 5:40pm SNLA
  Sunday 5/7/17 at Padres 1:40pm SNLA
  Monday 5/8/17 vs. Pirates 7:10pm SNLA
  Tuesday 5/9/17 vs. Pirates 7:10pm SNLA
  Wednesday 5/10/17 vs. Pirates 7:10pm SNLA
  Thursday 5/11/17 at Rockies 5:40pm SNLA
  Friday 5/12/17 at Rockies 5:40pm SNLA
  Saturday 5/13/17 at Rockies 5:10pm SNLA
  Sunday 5/14/17 at Rockies 12:10pm SNLA
  Monday 5/15/17 at Giants 7:15pm SNLA
  Tuesday 5/16/17 at Giants 7:15pm SNLA
  Wednesday 5/17/17 at Giants 12:45pm SNLA
  Thursday 5/18/17 vs. Marlins 7:10pm SNLA
  Friday 5/19/17 vs. Marlins 7:10pm SNLA
  Saturday 5/20/17 vs. Marlins 7:10pm SNLA
  Sunday 5/21/17 vs. Marlins 1:10pm SNLA
  Tuesday 5/23/17 vs. Cardinals 7:10pm SNLA
  Wednesday 5/24/17 vs. Cardinals 7:10pm SNLA
  Thursday 5/25/17 vs. Cardinals 7:10pm SNLA
  Friday 5/26/17 vs. Cubs 7:10pm SNLA
  Sunday 5/28/17 vs. Cubs 1:10pm SNLA
  Monday 5/29/17 at Cardinals 11:15am SNLA
  Tuesday 5/30/17 at Cardinals 4:09pm SNLA
  Wednesday 5/31/17 at Cardinals 5:15pm SNLA
  Thursday 6/1/17 at Cardinals 10:45am SNLA
  Friday 6/2/17 at Brewers 5:10pm SNLA
  Saturday 6/3/17 at Brewers 1:10pm SNLA
  Sunday 6/4/17 at Brewers 11:10am SNLA
  Monday 6/5/17 vs. Nationals 7:10pm SNLA
  Tuesday 6/6/17 vs. Nationals 7:10pm SNLA
  Wednesday 6/7/17 vs. Nationals 12:10pm SNLA
  Friday 6/9/17 vs. Reds 7:10pm SNLA
  Saturday 6/10/17 vs. Reds 7:10pm SNLA
  Sunday 6/11/17 vs. Reds 1:10pm SNLA
  Tuesday 6/13/17 at Indians 4:10pm SNLA
  Wednesday 6/14/17 at Indians 4:10pm SNLA
  Thursday 6/15/17 at Indians 9:10am SNLA
  Friday 6/16/17 at Reds 4:10pm SNLA
  Saturday 6/17/17 at Reds 1:10pm SNLA
  Sunday 6/18/17 at Reds 10:10am SNLA
  Monday 6/19/17 vs. Mets 7:10pm SNLA
  Tuesday 6/20/17 vs. Mets 7:10pm SNLA
  Wednesday 6/21/17 vs. Mets 7:10pm SNLA
  Thursday 6/22/17 vs. Mets 7:10pm SNLA
  Friday 6/23/17 vs. Rockies 7:10pm SNLA
  Saturday 6/24/17 vs. Rockies 7:10pm SNLA
  Sunday 6/25/17 vs. Rockies 1:10pm SNLA
  Monday 6/26/17 vs. Angels 7:10pm SNLA
  Tuesday 6/27/17 vs. Angels 7:10pm SNLA
  Wednesday 6/28/17 at Angels 7:07pm SNLA
  Thursday 6/29/17 at Angels 7:07pm SNLA
  Friday 6/30/17 at Padres 7:10pm SNLA
  Saturday 7/1/17 at Padres 7:10pm SNLA
  Sunday 7/2/17 at Padres 1:40pm SNLA
  Tuesday 7/4/17 vs. Diamondbacks 6:10pm SNLA
  Wednesday 7/5/17 vs. Diamondbacks 7:10pm SNLA
  Thursday 7/6/17 vs. Diamondbacks 7:10pm SNLA
  Friday 7/7/17 vs. Royals 7:10pm SNLA
  Sunday 7/9/17 vs. Royals 1:10pm SNLA
  Tuesday 7/11/17 ALL-STAR GAME - -
  Friday 7/14/17 at Marlins 4:10pm SNLA
  Saturday 7/15/17 at Marlins 4:10pm SNLA
  Sunday 7/16/17 at Marlins 10:10am SNLA
  Tuesday 7/18/17 at White Sox 5:10pm SNLA
  Wednesday 7/19/17 at White Sox 5:10pm SNLA
  Thursday 7/20/17 vs. Braves 7:10pm SNLA
  Friday 7/21/17 vs. Braves 7:10pm SNLA
  Saturday 7/22/17 vs. Braves 6:10pm SNLA
  Sunday 7/23/17 vs. Braves TBD SNLA
  Monday 7/24/17 vs. Twins 7:10pm SNLA
  Tuesday 7/25/17 vs. Twins 7:10pm SNLA
  Wednesday 7/26/17 vs. Twins 7:10pm SNLA
  Friday 7/28/17 vs. Giants 7:10pm SNLA
  Saturday 7/29/17 vs. Giants 1:05pm SNLA
  Sunday 7/30/17 vs. Giants 1:10pm SNLA
  Tuesday 8/1/17 at Braves 4:35pm SNLA
  Wednesday 8/2/17 at Braves 4:35pm SNLA
  Thursday 8/3/17 at Braves 4:35pm SNLA
  Friday 8/4/17 at Mets 4:10pm SNLA
  Saturday 8/5/17 at Mets 1:05pm SNLA
  Sunday 8/6/17 at Mets 10:10am SNLA
  Tuesday 8/8/17 at Diamondbacks 6:40pm SNLA
  Wednesday 8/9/17 at Diamondbacks 6:40pm SNLA
  Thursday 8/10/17 at Diamondbacks 6:40pm SNLA
  Friday 8/11/17 vs. Padres 7:10pm SNLA
  Saturday 8/12/17 vs. Padres 6:10pm SNLA
  Sunday 8/13/17 vs. Padres 1:10pm SNLA
  Tuesday 8/15/17 vs. White Sox 7:10pm SNLA
  Wednesday 8/16/17 vs. White Sox 7:10pm SNLA
  Friday 8/18/17 at Tigers 4:10pm SNLA
  Saturday 8/19/17 at Tigers 1:05pm SNLA
  Sunday 8/20/17 at Tigers 10:10am SNLA
  Monday 8/21/17 at Pirates 4:05pm SNLA
  Tuesday 8/22/17 at Pirates 4:05pm SNLA
  Wednesday 8/23/17 at Pirates 4:05pm SNLA
  Thursday 8/24/17 at Pirates 1:05pm SNLA
  Friday 8/25/17 vs. Brewers 7:10pm SNLA
  Saturday 8/26/17 vs. Brewers 6:10pm SNLA
  Sunday 8/27/17 vs. Brewers 1:10pm SNLA
  Tuesday 8/29/17 at Diamondbacks 6:40pm SNLA
  Wednesday 8/30/17 at Diamondbacks 6:40pm SNLA
  Thursday 8/31/17 at Diamondbacks 12:40pm SNLA
  Friday 9/1/17 at Padres 7:10pm SNLA
  Saturday 9/2/17 at Padres 5:40pm SNLA
  Sunday 9/3/17 at Padres 1:40pm SNLA
  Monday 9/4/17 vs. Diamondbacks 5:10pm SNLA
  Tuesday 9/5/17 vs. Diamondbacks 7:10pm SNLA
  Wednesday 9/6/17 vs. Diamondbacks 7:10pm SNLA
  Thursday 9/7/17 vs. Rockies 7:10pm SNLA
  Friday 9/8/17 vs. Rockies 7:10pm SNLA
  Saturday 9/9/17 vs. Rockies 6:10pm SNLA
  Sunday 9/10/17 vs. Rockies 1:10pm SNLA
  Monday 9/11/17 at Giants 7:15pm SNLA
  Tuesday 9/12/17 at Giants 7:15pm SNLA
  Wednesday 9/13/17 at Giants 7:15pm SNLA
  Friday 9/15/17 at Nationals 4:05pm SNLA
  Sunday 9/17/17 at Nationals 10:35am SNLA
  Monday 9/18/17 at Phillies 4:05pm SNLA
  Tuesday 9/19/17 at Phillies 4:05pm SNLA
  Wednesday 9/20/17 at Phillies 4:05pm SNLA
  Thursday 9/21/17 at Phillies 10:05am SNLA
  Friday 9/22/17 vs. Giants 7:10pm SNLA
  Saturday 9/23/17 vs. Giants 6:10pm SNLA
  Sunday 9/24/17 vs. Giants 1:10pm SNLA
  Monday 9/25/17 vs. Padres 7:10pm SNLA
  Tuesday 9/26/17 vs. Padres 7:10pm SNLA
  Wednesday 9/27/17 vs. Padres 7:10pm SNLA
  Friday 9/29/17 at Rockies 5:10pm SNLA
  Saturday 9/30/17 at Rockies 5:10pm SNLA
  Sunday 10/1/17 at Rockies 12:10pm SNLA